Marketing and Digital Technologies

Automation: Tools for Productivity

  • Streamlining order flow
  • Proofing
  • Estimating
  • Client self service
  • Shipping
  • Customer service bottlenecks
  • Administration of orders
  • Setting up of Products
  • Usage of QR codes, Adobe, Coupons, Local Shipping
  • Marketing tools and pre-sale information
  • How to look up orders and customers
  • Template Creation

$999.00 per student

Click Through Rate Secrets

Click-Through Rate Optimisation is the most important factor in a successful website launch by helping you to convert more visitors into leads and sales. This course delves into advanced CRO strategies including how to utilise heat maps, click streams and bounce rates to positively impact your site’s performance.

  • Understanding the two levers of website revenue
  • Debunking CRO myths
  • Identifying goals and mistakes
  • Leveraging user testing and A/B testing
  • Prioritising pages for optimisation
  • Testing your value proposition
  • Comparing testing tools
  • Measuring results

$999.00 per student

Cloud Computing

Learn how cloud computing can enable you to automate your business, add visibility from one department to another, and provide your customers self service capabilities. Find out how cloud technologies can keep your company safe in the digital world.

  • Know different cloud service models, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
  • Appreciate financial, technological and organisational challenges facing different end users when evaluating their cloud strategies.
  • Assess economic, financial and technological implications when selecting cloud service for your own organisation.
  • Ensure the privacy, compliance and legal protection of proposed cloud solutions.

$999.00 per student

Competitive SEO Strategies

  • Keyword research
  • Content Linking strategies
  • Metadata
  • Authority
  • Local SEO

$999.00 per student

Creating Process Documents

How to keep company documentation to global standards. Learn how to create a process that would streamline future developments.

  • Create a scope statement
  • Craft an applicability matrix
  • Explain the product or service lines impacted
  • Include the roles involved in the process
  • Document process management system procedures
  • Establish an exception management process
  • Include a decision matrix

$999.00 per student

Cyber Security – Why & How

The program centres around five 

    • Identification – know the cyber security risks to your organisation
    • Protection – create a cyber security plan to protect your business and customers
    • Detection – sniff out ongoing threats to your business
    • Response – what to do in the event of a cyber attack
    • Recovery – actions to take after a data breech and making your business more secure

    $999.00 per student

    Directory Websites – Best Practices

    This course serves as an introduction to directory sites. Learn how to properly launch your website to maximise visibility and community building potential. Learn how to create profit centres with auto generated content and automated marketing.

    • Report building
    • Email set up
    • Geocoding
    • Messages , link checking
    • Sitemap submissions
    • Analytics and statistics calculations
    • Content status updates

    $999.00 per student

    Retail Online: Site Structure and Optimisation

    This course provides in depth tutorials for how to link for SEO success and better Click-through Rate Optimisation:

      • To specific product
      • To specific category
      • To specific image
      • To search term
      • To reorder pages
      • To product more info
      • To price pages
      • To a banner
      • URL forwarding
      • To favourites
      • To upload function
      • To most recent uploads
      • To home page

      $999.00 per student

      Content Management Systems

      Content Management Systems (CMSs) come loaded with features to streamline both website creation and daily task management. As such, they remain the number one choice for individuals and organisations who require up to date websites that are responsive, mobile-friendly, and optimized for search engines. With so many options in the marketplace, how do you choose the right CMS for your needs?

      This course compares different hosted CMS services available today so that you can make an informed decision. We take you through the CMS design process to illustrate how to handle challenges unique to your platform. This course also includes design lessons with tips ranging from picking the right template and text layouts, to choosing compelling imagery to capture your target audience.

      • CMS set up
      • CMS templates and themes
      • Blogging and publishing articles
      • SEO, eCommerce, and linking
      • Site administration tools and security

      $999.00 per student

      Voice Search & Emerging Search Trends

      Learn about bleeding edge search engine technology and how they are affecting current and future developments in online marketing. This course explains how voice search, contextual user data, and machine learning are influencing the way customers search for and interact with businesses in their daily lives.

      • Impacts on local SEO
      • Voice search optimisation
      • Visual search
      • Google Assistant & Alexa
      • Preparing for future developments

      $999.00 per student

      Web Publishing & Design

      The Web Publishing course teaches you the fundamentals of web page authoring and design through reading materials, interactive quizzes, exercises, and assignments. In total, the course contains over 500 pages of instruction with many interactive questions and exercises. In this course, you will learn by doing. During the course, you will have the opportunity to work on several websites that will give you the chance to develop your web page authoring skills.

      This course covers everything you need to get started in web page authoring, including both HTML5 and CSS. In the first half of the course, you will learn how to create web pages using HTML5. Once you have learned how to create web pages, you will then move on to the second part of the course where you learn how to style your web pages using Cascading Style Sheets. You’ll learn about the latest technologies, such as responsive design, HTML5, and CSS3.

      The course provides you with the training to understand the process of authoring web pages using HTML5 and CSS. The course is ideal for anyone interested in acquiring skills in the latest web technologies.

      $999.00 per student

      Web2Print – Order & Design Online

      Learn the process on deciding on web to print software. Should you build it, lease it, buy it or get it for free? Learn what type of systems are needed to automate your business.

      • Increase Order Accuracy
      • Decrease Excess Inventory
      • Cut Down on the Cost of Materials and Rush Fees
      • Take Advantage of Flexibility
      • Customize Your Platform
      • Utilize a One-Stop Shop

      $999.00 per student

      Web Domain Strategies

      Find out how to turn your $20 domain investment into $200 in only 10 days.

      We cover topics organic traffic, auctions, value domains, domain history, and 20 other measurement tools to use when buying domain names.

      • Geo Positioning
      • Direct type-in
      • Keyword research
      • Auctions
      • Drops
      • Pre-registrations
      • Sun-rises

      $799.00 per student

      Wide Format Marketing

      We will walk you through the many applications of wide format graphics, new technologies to look out for, and how to prospect for high value clients. Learn about current market trends in the wide format printing industry and the value of wide display formats in business marketing strategies.

      Learn about how to market your Backlit Displays, Banners, Bond and Coated Paper, Canvas Prints and Reproductions, GIS Maps and Graphic Overlays, Gloss and Satin Photo Papers, Line Drawings and Blueprints, Mounted Graphics, Photographic Prints and Posters, Point of Purchase, Trade Show, Exhibit Graphics, Backlit Displays, Posters and Photographic Prints, Retail and Exhibit Graphics, Retail Signs and Banners, Renderings, Vehicle Graphics, Wallcoverings and Canvas Prints.

      $999.00 per student

      Customer Acquisition & Sales

      Strategic Advertising

      In this course you will learn effective methods of advertising through modern mediums and find what is most effective based on your industry.

      This course covers a general overview of advertising and marketing communications, its role in business development, advertising-marketing relationships, strategic planning, creative collaboration, medium choices, and brand messaging.

      • Popular Marketing Methods Today
      • Marketing Campaign Planning
      • Crafting Your Message
      • Reach Your Target Audience: Planning Message Placement
      • Reach Your Target Audience: Integrated Media Choices

      $999.00 per student

      Affiliate Networking

      In this highly adaptable course you will learn what Affiliate Marketing is, how to build a business around it and develop a plan for growth. More precisely, you’ll learn how to build a strong Business Plan, conduct effective Market Research, join ranked affiliate programs, integrate Email Marketing, drive Big and Targeted Traffic to your website, and much more.

      $999.00 per student

      B2B Marketing

      Business-to-business (B2B) marketing focuses on building relationships between companies and their corporate partners and customers.

      B2B marketing is unique in that it yields large transactions, lengthy sales cycles, and thus becomes a challenge to reach the decision makers. This creates a need for constant, multi-channel marketing campaigns that establish credibility, build trust, and enhance relationships over a long period of time.

      • Identify B2B Buyers
      • Reach senior decision makers with proven B2B strategies
      • Automatically fill a database with 1000s of B2B prospects
      • Qualify leads using funnels
      • Create a nurture campaign that demands the attention of buyers
      • Create trust that separates you from the competition
      • Create a landing page that captures the attention of executive buyers
      • Market and host webinar campaigns with 100s of attendees
      • Create engaging content that produces immediate and long term results
      • Write and automate winning emails
      • Understanding Buyers: Be able to categorise buyer personas for better results

      $999.00 per student

      eCommerce Essentials

      Every year more and more customers seek online alternatives to buying. Customers have specific expectations that are continually changing as technology develops and online storefronts become more convenient and rich with features. The course covers product pricing, brand selection, competitive analysis, funnels, buyer targeting, life time value of customers, shopping cart selection and effective go-to-market strategies. Learn how to build successful online stores and meet the demands of online buyers.

      • Conversion Rates
      • Analytics
      • Squeeze pages
      • Landing Pages
      • Product Catalogues
      • Product Pricing
      • Shipping Strategies
      • Customer Lifetime Value
      • Click-through Rate Optimisation

      $999.00 per student

      Keywords & Search Trends

      Very few companies understand how to conduct effective keyword research. Being able funnel the target keyword to actual profit (considering cost to rank) is an essential skill for any business with an online presence. This course will teach you how to use essential research tools, how to analyse the competition, and how to decide the keywords you should be targeting.

      • Strategies for finding keywords for new or established websites.
      • Expanding your range of keywords.
      • Mining tools for gathering bulk competitive data.
      • How to prioritise your keywords into short-term and long-term lists.
      • Assessing your potential to rank for a particular search term.
      • Inferring search intent for increased conversion rates.
      • How to identify new keyword opportunities and fit them into your priority lists.

      $999.00 per student

      Lead Generation & Management

      In this course you will learn how to create a solid lead-gen program that will support your business for years to come. Learn how to create content to attract your target audience, qualify relevant leads, and convert them into loyal customers who will advocate for your business.

      • Setting operational goals
      • Publishing relevant and engaging landing pages
      • Creating compelling offers and calls to action
      • Transforming leads into customers
      • Making the purchase process clear and simple
      • Monitoring social channels
      • Measuring results

      $999.00 per student

      Essential Marketing Tools

      Learn the 10 most effective marketing tools used by professionals.

      • Pay Per Click
      • Local Directories
      • Search Engine Optimisation
      • Social Media
      • Email Marketing
      • Behavioural Retargeting
      • Video Content
      • Viral Content
      • Networks
      • Joint Ventures

      $999.00 per student

      Nonprofits: Convey Your Message

      Marketing is much more than sympathetic sales campaigns or calls for donation. Whether it is for a product, service or donation, learn both free and paid methods to get your message out to the audience that you need.

      • Marketing in the non-profit sector – the current state of development
      • Strategic planning for nonprofits: value proposition, branding, segmentation, targeting, positioning, competitive advantage
      • Designing your marketing mix
      • Developing resources, managing budgets, and navigating regulations
      • Organising for implementation in your specific nonprofit market
      • Evaluation, monitoring and control for marketing initiatives

      $999.00 per student

      Print Sales: Grow & Expand

      You’ll learn how to capture Three Levels of Value from both old and new customers: protect the value of what they’re buying from you now, increase the value of what they could be buying from you, and leverage the value of influence (testimonials and referrals).

        • B2B prospecting: what do decision makers want to hear?
        • Growing Customer share of wallet: widening the sales scope.
        • Watching for Whales: recognising opportunities for value.
        • The Value of a Lifetime (LTV): how to measure service to dollar growth.
        • Repeat customers: encouraging automation for convenience.
        • Decision Makers: reaching the final boss, pitching and closing sales.
        • Customer Experience: balancing convenience, price and service.
        • Prospecting: techniques to generate interest.
        • Pitching: adapting to your lead’s needs.
        • Presentation: relevance, effectiveness and clarity.
        • Productivity Software: customer-relationship management & workflow.

        $999.00 per student

        Online Publishing and Marketing

        The publishing community is marketing online content in an ever-changing environment.

        This course is for magazine and book publishers looking to generate online content, foster author success and help proactive reader engagement. We provide an in depth look at the best practices amongst book publishers in promoting and marketing their digital content, with a focus on eBooks.

        • Sales/Distribution Channels
        • eBook & Digital Content Marketing
        • Digital Rights Management
        • Leveraging Subscription Services
        • Websites/Blogs
        • Author Involvement
        • Gathering & Analysing Marketing Data
        • Generating Revenue Online

        $999.00 per student

        Social Media – Entering the Market

        Social Media – Entering the Market is our introductory course the online marketing, with an emphasis on utilising social media channels to foster relationships with your customers in order to grow your brand.

        • Choosing the right platforms
        • Understanding social media cultures
        • Building brand communities
        • Generating engaging content and user-generated content
        • Creation of “cause marketing”
        • Viral effects
        • Using #hashtags

        $999.00 per student

        Social Media – Leverage Your Reach

        Social Media – Leverage Your Reach is our advanced social media marketing course. In this course you will learn advanced techniques and tools to expand your online presence with the goal of driving sales.

        • Using Social Media for Business
        • Automation in Social Media
        • Deep dive into online cultures
        • Case scenarios for Social Media success
        • Branding of your products and business
        • Optimising Your Social Media Profiles
        • Cultivating Social Media Influencers
        • Drip and Content Marketing Practices
        • Advertising Platform Fundamentals
        • Product Placement
        • Campfire Strategies
        • Click Bait, Visitor Retention & Engagement

        $999.00 per student